Team Momentous

Kip Russell

Colorado Springs , Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Hiking
Bucket List RacePikes Peak Marathon
Post-Race DrinkCrank Yanker IPA
Off-Day ActivityZzzzzzzzz

Used to be, Cat 2 cyclist. Pretty fast, great roadie tan lines. Found a girl, tricked her into marrying me, got fat, had kids, loved it, got older, realized I only had time to run, hate road, love trails, really love Pikes Peak, and the Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon. Got COVID — bad — and Sarcoidosis, not as bad. Time to get busy living and running even when I’m racing the cut-offs. Had to take a couple years off, ‘23 is the one. My wife asks me why? I reply, “these legs are still pretty boss, yeah?” She sighs — longingly— and says, “OMFG, yes!” Not really, but she does say yeah, not bad for an old fart. Looking for some age group records in ‘23 or least the joy of being out there for another year, sharing the joy.